Years ago Dwane Mathews dared to dream of a future where he would become the owner of a successful hair salon. He managed to tenaciously hold onto his vision and worked hard to finally make it become a reality…..DM & Company.

DM & Company is a unique salon which is comprised of senior stylists who each have their own specialties within the industry, thus allowing the stylists to fulfil a very wide range of client needs:

  • from curl relaxers to perms
  • color corrections to simple gray coverage
  • short hair to extensions
  • short hair and natural looks
  • bridal make-up to run-way show, the list goes on….

At DM & Company we value the diversity of our stylists’ talents. In this atmosphere we can learn from each other and the service available to the clients is on the cutting edge! Our ongoing education helps drive our passion and inspires us to keep reaching for the next level. One can never know it all within this industry. It is forever changing, just like fashion.

What else makes DM & Company so unique?

Clients will be delighted to have their hair done professionally, but there is so much more at the wonderful downtown location, surrounded by heritage buildings…

1) Easy parking right next door in the Yates Street parkade
2) Cappuccinos, coffee, and tea
3) Photo studio access
4) Specialists available for on location bridal services
5) Photo shoots (from family to high fashion)
6) Make-up

Education at DM & Company covers all the bases, including clients. We host classes for clients to ensure that they know how to style and care for their new looks! Each client leaves with more confidence and knowledge about their hair and that’s a powerful thing.